Monday, April 30, 2012

It's a sad thing when we find ourselves disappointed by our hero's.

Have you ever looked up to someone so much and wondered what thoughts were going through their head, how they got to be where they are today, how their life was in general. Have you ever wanted to be that certain someone, someone that people look up too and admire. We'll I definitely have, and sometimes we are so in awe of a person that we overlook all the simple flaws and just focus on how great they are. 

Some of the hero's in this world are merely simple people that have done some act to get your attention and maybe helped someone out or had a lot of friends, maybe they have a really good job or the 'perfect family' but in all reality... there is no such thing. Everyone has flaws, sometimes your hero isn't the person you thought they were, and sometimes you are going to be disappointed in someone.

I have news for you. The perfection in someone isn't necessarily how nice someone is, how great they look, how perfect their skin tone, or the size of their closet.... but it is the imperfections. It's the things that make them different than everyone else. And when you see those difference and find beauty in them and overlook the fact that nobody is perfect no matter how close they seem to be, that is when you become my hero. 

My hero is anyone who can see the beauty in imperfection. <3

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