Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bikini Season is COMING!

I have been very lazy over this past fall, winter and spring... but this summer I have decided to get back into shape! I have been working out every day for the past week, and already feel SO MUCH BETTER!

It isn't just about working out though, you also need to eat healthier and my Personal Trainer said that to lose weight you should actually eat small meals (300 calories or less) every 3 hours. Weird, I always thought not eating was the way to go... Apparently I was wrong.

I used to be Anorexic for a while my freshman year of high school and was super tiny, the smallest girl in my grade, but then I started using birth control and depression pills at the same time and between them something went wrong and I started gaining a lot of weight. Not saying I am really overweight, I just miss how everyone complimented on how tiny I used to be so I decided to get back in shape the healthy way instead of starving myself and have decided to eat healthier. Hopefully some results start showing fast.

It is my Birthday on Tuesday, and everyone wants to look good for their birthday hah. Although I am only turning 20 so its is nothing too special, but either way I will be sure to have a good time. :)

This is Kristen dedicating herself to a stronger, healthier, more fit lifestyle! <3

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