Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Let me sleep

Why is it sooo goddamn hard to wake up in the morning. I used to be a morning person and wake up by 6 every morning. Now (I think it is because I know I have to get up) I just want to sleep forever. But there is this thing holding me back from that.... CLASS!! If only class was optional... but that never happens. This is why you see so many college students wearing sweats to class... who wants to get up even earlier, shower, get dressed, do your hair (and considering I am a girl, it takes forever) and then do your make-up and add a little smell good and your on your way.
The way ladies do it here on campus is... roll out of bed half asleep.. Messy Bun. grab the backpack and a banana and out the door. So much simpler. Until you realize your sitting next to the cute boy in class.. and you would rather him not notice how terrible you look!
AND then there is the whole thing where you are so used to being up so late doing homework and hanging out with your friends that you can NEVER go to sleep early! Trust me I've tried! It does not happen! I used to even take myquil before bed just to fall asleep. Yes, I know not smart but still! That was like the only thing that worked. Blahh...
Alright off to class I go.... =/

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