Thursday, April 5, 2012

Opps. I am definitely not with it!

So yesterday I had a pretty bad day. I had a lot to do, still do... and my mind was definitely somewhere else. On my way to class in the morning I completely walked all the way past my building and into the next building. When I realized what happened.. I was definitely not a happy camper... and then moving later into the day I proceeded to go to the library to work on my stack of homework and decided I really needed to go to the bathroom. Walked in there turned the corner and realized there were uninals and a man in the bathroom. My conclusion: I definitely was not in the right bathroom. I got out of there as fast as possible. Avoided the many curious stares and proceeded to a table by myself. Still having to go pee, but I decided the humiliation was not worth it so I just held it. Not a good start to my day! =/

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