Sunday, October 14, 2012

Chicago PRSSA Trip- Buisness+Pleasure

I just got back from a trip to Chicago and had the time of my life, it was just what I needed to let loose a little, and take a break from school.  I went on the trip with an organization on campus called PRSSA which is made up mostly of Public Relation(PR) majors. We went to some really cool PR firms that I fell in love with.

The First was The Red Frog Events.
     It was amazing being there, if I could choose somewhere that I would absolutely love to work and be passionate about it is this place. They just started 5 years ago and have been growing rapidly ever since.  When I toured I fell in love. Everyone was super nice and professional with a fun edge. The place was camp themed which would be perfect for me. They even had a jungle gym, mason jars for lights, swings at the desks of conference rooms, and my absolute favorite part... You can bring your DOG to work! Because if you are unaware, I am obsessed with my dog Bravo. I am planning on trying to get a summer internship there! Wish me luck!

The Second place we toured was Skirt PR.
     Skirt PR was also a great place to tour.  They were smaller than Red Frog and Golin Harris but they made up for it in style. They were very professional and such a cute pink place to be in.  They specialize in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.  They have also worked with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Lauren Conrad, and a few stars of the hit show Gossip Girl. If you are into the fashion side of PR this will probably be the place for you.

The third and final tour was Golin Harris.!/
     This was the biggest and the firm that has been around the longest.  Their first company they built was McDonalds and you can see how much success they had with that!  They just rebuilt their company in Chicago a few months ago into a more fun place that better represented their personality.

Not only did I have a great time in Chicago but I also met many amazing people that I have became pretty close with in just a few short days.

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