Sunday, November 4, 2012

Some days are more memorable than others.

Today marks the day that my dad, Larry Norlund, lost his 16 year battle with ALS three years ago.  After 16 years suffering not being able to walk, talk, move his muscles, or breathe on his own he decided to have a medical suicide knowing his end was near and he would rather have his life end surrounded by the people he loved.

Today, exactly three years after I watched my father pass away, I also watched my uncle Fred Norlund join his brother, (my father) at the gates of Heaven.  It was a sad moment to see the man that acted like a second father too me through my life leave on the same day as my real one did. I know that neither of them are in pain any longer, and it was great that they both left surrounded by their friends and family that loved them dearly, but it is never easy to let go of someone you love so much.

My dad wasn't able to teach me all the things a dad could because his chair held him back, it was his brother Fred that taught me how to shoot a gun, drive an ATV and snowmobile, and how too change his socks. (The last one I wasn't too fond of).  They were both strong, courageous, hard-working, loving, and two of the funniest men I have met.

Heaven is lucky to have these great men.

I love you!

R.I.P.     Larry Norlund  4/11/2009 ..  Fred Norlund 4/11/2012

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